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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Lunch Today

Hari ni cam takde kawan jer nak lunch...officemate MC...hubby lak kena keje luar...so aku terpaksa la lunch sendiri...Selera takde coz pening kepala..(Bukan H1N1 ehhh)...So at last, aku teringin ler plak makan "Yong Tau Foo"...Apa lagi..dengan segera aku kuar dari ofice menuju ke The Mines yang tak berapa jauh dari office aku untuk mendapatkan Yong Tau Foo tu....

Mama Love U So Much!

Mama Love U So Muchhhh

Mama want to say sorry...sometimes mama feel so tired when coming back from work...you always cry and cry...want me to accompany you everh hours and minutes...but i am love u so mucchhhhh.......i`m trying to be the best mom!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

School Holiday

Lama rasa tak update blog..for the new post.. aku upload our family holiday in Cameron Highland since school break....

The tea is not delicous..! I want Ice Cream!
Me and my daughter and son

At Strawberry shop

Me and hubby

My moms and her naughty grandchilds

Heritage hotel where we stay

At flowers farm

Faiz at Pasar malam At Brinchang

Giant Strawberry